Providing Hope

Giving them a chanceGiving them a chance

With only the clothes on their backs they had to run... run as fast as they could and hide - and hope. These were the fortunate ones, others were taken. Child soldiers, sex objects and slaves.
This was reality for northern Ugandan children only a short time ago; but now, with the terrorist group, LRA, far away, families have returned to their land and can rebuild their lives.

Keframa College was born out of this existence to support those who have been orphaned by the LRA or HIV-Aids, or else those who simply cannot afford an education. The pupils are recommended by local community and church leaders as suitable and motivated to study for 8 ‘O’ levels. Attaining these allows the pupils to either enter ‘A’ level study or, more likely, practical vocational study. In its first year (2011) there were only 15 pupils enrolled, but by 2015 the number was 260 pupils, who sat under trees or in ramshackle buildings to learn. Currently, there are 5 full time teachers supported by additional part time teachers who are hired according to need and subject to funds - there is much need and there are limited funds.


The pupils currently rely on generous giving of local Ugandans, UK church sponsorship and well wishers who have visited the school. However, the school runs on a continual financial knife edge with pledged payments to staff awaiting the arrival of the means to meet those pledges - a regular, recurring and limiting reality.

Wonderfully, over the last 2 years parcels of adjacent land, totalling 5 acres, has been donated to build a new school site. The Anglican Diocese of Luwaga and Fields of Life, an education focussed charity based in N.Ireland, are working together to provide suitable boarding school facilities for 480 students.

Now, in order to move forward from excited conversations to concrete structures, prayers and purse strings need to be released. You could be a part of that process.