What is Keframa High School?

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Keframa High School is a secondary school, privately run not for profit, to educate the needy children of Northern and Eastern Uganda. This part of the country has suffered from many years of rebel activity and lack of investment in any education, health or other facilities. Most people are subsistence farmers, and the level of poverty is extreme, as opportunities for jobs are few, especially for people without education. HIV/AIDS is also widespread and, along with the turmoil of the rebel activity, has contributed to the large number of orphans and children who have no-one to pay for their education.

Where is Keframa?

The School id 10 miles east of Lira in Northern Uganda in Barr sub-county, which has a population of 45,000, mostly women and children.


The pupils currently rely on generous giving of local Ugandans, UK church sponsorship and well wishers who have visited the school. However, the school runs on a continual financial knife edge with pledged payments to staff awaiting the arrival of the means to meet those pledges - a regular, recurring and limiting reality.

Wonderfully, over the last 2 years parcels of adjacent land, totalling 5 acres, has been donated to build a new school site. The Anglican Diocese of Luwaga and Fields of Life, an education focussed charity based in N.Ireland, are working together to provide suitable boarding school facilities for 480 students.

Now, in order to move forward from excited conversations to concrete structures, prayers and purse strings need to be released. You could be a part of that process.